I manifested this retreat at the perfect time. Following a trip to South America, I had recently been opened up to my healing potential and started doing this type of work on finding my true self. I knew I needed external help, guidance and support to confirm my direction. I opened up to a friend, who mentioned She had worked with an amazing Shaman from Pemberton, I instantly said “Yes!” to the retreat. After the retreat, I now have a stronger sense of my path and what I’m supposed to be doing in a BIG WAY. This retreat has affirmed and reaffirmed my path and shown me my true self. It;s time to move forward and accept it and to not be afraid. I now feel that I can go out and achieve anything I want. My new mantra is “limitless possibilities”. Everything about Rainbow was my favourite the environment she creates, the safety she creates, her empowering her to do what you need to do to work on what you need and to trust in yourself. Sharing the space with everyone was magical. I have already recommend Rainbow Retreats to my friends and family. Anyone who wants to do something self-loving for themselves should come and work with Rainbow. It would make you feel calmer, more grounded in your life, more steady, empowered that you are in control of your life, it’s all about how you navigate your life, it gives you a sense of empowerment.

– Caley-Ann McNabb, Vancouver BC.
I wandered into Triangle Health & Wellness on a whim, and I am so glad I did.  I was immediately at home in this beautiful healing centre. I had the pleasure of visiting with Deb and her warmth and kindness compelled me to book an energy clearing session with her.  This beautiful energy work made me feel completely relaxed, whole and hopeful.  I was shocked to discover pain that I have held in my knees for years from osteoarthritis had been released.  I hiked that afternoon pain free for the first time in years.  Thank-you Deb, for sharing your healing gifts with me!  What a blessing!

I had an amazing session with Rainbow.She helped me regain my power and my great life. Rainbow is compassionate and an amazing healer. Through just one session I became aligned with greatness.

Rainbow can heal deep trauma and also heal past relationship drama. Problems quickly turn to light. Which is nothing less than a miracle.She is quick to be intuitive and apt to understand. To potential clients. Jump into a few sessions with her. You won’t regret it. – Sahara.

I was drawn to host this retreat because I had experienced personal readings with Rainbow and knew that I wanted to work with her in a deeper way and share it with others. I first met Rainbow at the Every Women Conference in Whistler and the space she held and her balanced and calm energy drew me to her. I knew I needed her to help me heal. I am walking away from the retreat with with joy and hope and amazing relationships. I have the tools, words and knowledge and support in a much bigger way than ever before. You can’t recreate this unique experience! I have the strength to move forward and to live the life that has been waiting for me – I’m ready to take that step. I now know that whatever I focus on, is there waiting for me. I can achieve far more than i think i can, it’s far bigger than I think that it’s going to be and it’s going to be so full! I’m the storyteller, when I share my healing, I see it in people faces and I can see when people need to be a part of it. I highly recommend attending a Rainbow Retreat and hope that everyone I love and cherish can experience this and I will do what I can to help more people experience this energy and healing.

– Sandra

I had previous experience with Rainbow’s Shamanic Healing sessions and wanted to work with her some more – she has very powerful energy! When I attended her workshop there was that “instant click” – it was like magic! Her work opened something for me and I came out beaming, bouncing off the walls with excitement. This retreat has given me new tools to aid me in growing as a human being and finding that higher spiritual level. I now know I can achieve whatever i set my mind to achieve because Rainbow has given me all the positive energy, the support and tools to take that with me – that’s not going to stop when i leave. I have already recommended this experience to friends. The sequence and layout of the retreat was perfect – it was a powerful gentle journey. The timeframe allowed time to process instead of everything being crammed into one day. I’m just grateful for this time – what a gift! I got so much from the time with everyone, not just from Rainbow. It was enriching and such a blessing!

– Mary