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Shamanic Studies 1 – Online Course

  -  Shamanic Studies 1 – Online Course

Welcome to a deeper understanding of your own self.

Welcome to a deeper connection with your true path, purpose, vision & truth.

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  • Are you ready to stand in acceptance of self?

  • It’s time to appreciate the journey of how you got here.


Everything up to this point has thought you exactly what you needed to learn.

This study of Shamanic Practices & Ceremony is a commitment to the next step in evolving your true calling.

I was just like you.

I resisted this path because I was afraid.

Hawaii Oahu

Now you can dive into deeper self-healing, so that you can dive deeper into service through healing others.

Gather the healing medicine personalised to you bringing in nature to connect to your deepest nature,
& spiritually

This is self-empowerment on a deep level.
in your own way,
in your own time.

I’m Debra Lee Hillary (Rainbow Medicine Women) a 6th Generation Shaman with Celtic and Native ancestors. My heritage enables me to draw on my roots and connect with the land, it’s people, the spirits and the animals that speak to me.


This course is designed to help you feel
more positive
more excited
more connected to the things that matter most to you.

We will talk a lot about connecting your true nature to nature.

Connection back to source,
connecting to creator,
connecting to nature, to all that is,
which connects you back to yourself.

This is the most profound connection.

This process is not about overnight, one-time success… it’s LONG TERM SELF EMPOWERMENT & SUCCESS.

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  • Do you feel you have been tangled in a web of self sabotage?

  • Are you ready to identify & stop repeating these destructive patterns?

  • What if you stopped attracting negative experiences, people, relationships?

  • What if you lived without chaos?



Imagine you felt calm, regulated, purposeful relaxed in you center.

It’s time to gather the lost, hurt and fragmented part of yourself and feel WHOLE.


I’m excited to share this online course with you because I get to share the Rainbow Wisdom Teachings with you!

I present the teachings in a very practical way,
step by step, layering the learnings,
so you can gather the tools you need.
so you can absorb and integrate the healing messages into your own journey,
without it being too overwhelming.

This is a gentle approach to healing
Very grounding.
Very real.

It’s about using what you already have within you

It’s realising that you have these tools

That you can go deeper,

That you access the hurt, the self doubt and release them

so you can live your most empowered life and bring in the new frequency

that is more positive, more supportive.

When you’re ready to…

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  • deepen your connection to your spirit self

  • believe fully in who you are

  • recognize that you are a healer,



Recognize that you are a Shaman,

You are powerful beyond measure. You are here for a greater purpose.

You are light. It’s OK to shine, BRIGHT.

What's included in the Shamanic Studies online course?

5 weeks of Wisdom Teachings (worksheets, audio, video) in Exclusive Membership Portal - access anytime, anywhere for 12 months.

Gift of Personal Shamanic Healing Session with Rainbow ($160 value)

Gift of Signed Copy of my Book "Finding the Shaman"

Initiation Ceremony into Rainbow Frequency with Rainbow