When you’re feeling overwhelmed by sadness and not quite sure why (could be deep seated trauma or could be past life)

I can help you renegotiate the trauma and release it from your nervous system.

When you feel a little bit stuck, or fearful thoughts have a grip on you

  • You could feel tired, run down, exhausted
  • You could notice that you keep getting injured

I can help you break free of the chains that are holding you back to your happiness and freedom.

Slient retreat

When you are running on overdrive and you’re going at a hundred miles per hour, you’re overloaded, overwhelmed, you’ve taken on too much, you’re at the end of the rope, you’re looking after everyone else and don’t know how to Say No!
and looking after everyone else,
I can help you release the pressure, connect to your inner truth, learn how to activate balance and boundaries and embark on a journey of self empowerment and fulfilment.

It’s time to end the struggle and pain of diving hazardously between peaks and valleys, where every time you feel you’re getting ahead, you sink down a little further.
You can help yourself. You can end this destructive pattern for once and for all and journey back home to your true self in a safe and understanding embrace.
spritual retreat

I have the tools, training and wisdom to bring you balance, harmony and ease.

I can help you see the the trees through the woods and regain your inner strength so that this time when you flourish, it’s built on a strong foundation.

What happens in a Shamanic Healing session with Rainbow?

rainbow wellness retreat

First of all, we ground and centre you and create a safe, healing, supportive, nurturing environment.

From there we go on a journey to connect with nature and receive the perfect information you need to help yourself bring you back home to yourself and align with your true path.

You’ll receive insight, knowledge and tools to connect with what you need to do to live your best, balanced, harmonious life.

Drumming is an integral element of all my Shamanic Healing offerings because it reminds you of the first heartbeat of the womb. It brings you
back to the very beginning – where you were safe. It allows you to connect deeply with spirit, connecting to animal spirits, connecting to your ancestors and seeing yourself in a natural, truthful way – you receive the perfect gifts, information and healing to walk your path with confidence and clarity.

spritual retreat

Shamanic Healing gives you real cognitive ability to see where you are going in a way you haven’t seen before – it opens you up to the possibilities you thought and felt were available to you but need confirmation and to affirm the path.

  • You’ll feel more balanced with your nervous system regulated and stable.
  • You’ll effortlessly begin making better choices for what you really need for you to live your truth
  • You’re able to have inner quiet and calm that you didn’t have before
  • You start listening to your body
  • You’ll start to embody your new template, following guidance to make your life the way you want it to be
  • You’ll know what to do to strengthen freedom, harmony and peace in your life.